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AKC Bichon Frise puppies for sale.
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Photo of Bichon Dog
Cute picture of Bichon dog
To the left and right is P D,
who went to
Florida, and he is very spoiled!
Male Bichon Frise
Photo of Maltese dog
Below is Charlene and Devon's female
Maltese that went to Oregon. She is 7
in this picture.
Photo of Shih Tzu dogs
To the left are female Shih Tzus that
went to Bixby,OK to Trent and Becky.
They are one year old in this picture.
These are some dogs that have come from Shekinah Kennel.
Below you will find pictures of dogs that came from Shekinah Kennel and below that
you will find some pictures of the parent dogs here at Shekinah Kennel
Photo of Poddle dgo
Rascal, mlae Poodle
Photo of Poodle dog
Tinker, female Poodle
Photo of customer with Bichon dog and Bichon puppy
To the right is Jennifer, holding Ollie
on the left and Gabby on the right.
Bichon Frise dogs. They live here in
Northwest Arkansas in Centerton.
Photo of Bichon dog and Shih Tzu puppy
To the right is JJ the Bichon and Baby
the Shih Tzu that went to Califronia to
Jeanne. Jeanne came here to pick up
JJ and then a couple of years later she
had Baby shipped out to her.
Photo of Bichon puppy
Cute photo of cute Bichon puppy
Below are three pics of Bridgette,  a
female Bichon. She went to Florida to
Andy and Dorthy.
AKA as Mia
Gabby on the top of the pillow,
and Ollie on the bottom.
This sweet heart to the
right went to Savanah
Gerogia--she looks like a
Southern Bell, right??!
These two Bichon Frise puppies are Faith
and Joy! Faith is on the left in the red
ribbon, and Joy is in the purple ribbon!
These girls went to Oklahoma City, and
they have brought much joy to Lorraine!
Meet Annabella and Reagan!
Bichon Frise girls. These girls are
sisters, and went to New Mexico!
They are a little over a year old in
this picture.
Below is Madison, a female Shih Tzu.
She went to live with the Williams in
Mississippi! See her on the far
right--then see her all grown up on the
far left.
Be sure to check out our cute puppies
in the nursery! Just click on the link

Our Nursery
Here is Romeo in his Biker
Jacket! He is a male Bichon
ready for action!
Zoie in front, Sasha in back.
Future Maltese Mommies
Meet CHARLIE, a male Bichon that is
very content in his home in Virginia!
This is Gracie on left and Ella on right.
Ella went home with Jamie in June of
2012. Gracie went home with Linda in
April of 2013. Both are Maltese